15 noviembre, 2023

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Profesor(a) planta ordinaria en el área de Silvicultura y Manejo Forestal


The Faculty of Agronomy and Natural Systems of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile calls for an international competition to fill an academic position in the category of full-time assistant or associate professor for the development of undergraduate and graduate teaching and research in the area of Silviculture and Sustainable Forest Management.
The Faculty of Agronomy and Natural Systems seeks exceptional and highly motivated applicants to hold the position of full-time Associate Professor/Assistant of Silviculture.
The person chosen for this position will be part of a diverse and interdisciplinary team in forestry sciences.
The ideal candidate is a person with experience and interest in the management and modeling of native and/or mixed forest ecosystems for a diversity of products and ecosystem services to achieve economic, ecological and social goals. The selected person must have the ability to participate in existing research programs and also develop independent and innovative research in the areas of Silviculture for production, restoration and conservation of biodiversity, forest adaptation to climate change, resilience to fires and/or drought, and/or carbon sequestration, among others.
The selected person is expected to be able to teach at least two undergraduate courses for forestry engineering students and at least one graduate course related to their field.

One of the undergraduate courses that must be delivered by the candidate is Native Forest Silvicuture and associated field activities. It is also expected that the candidate can participate and/or lead one of the following undergraduate courses; Dendrology, Forest Ecology, Ecological Restoration, Comprehensive Ecosystem Assessment, Forest Entomology and Pathology, Integrated Watershed Management or Advanced Silviculture; all courses must be taught in Spanish.

The candidate is also expected to lead a research program in the area of Silviculture and Sustainable Forest Management, being responsible for getting grant resources, planning of research activities, generating scientific publications and training graduate students. In addition, the candidate is expected to build links with the community and support the transfer of knowledge developed during the research in accordance with the standards established by the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile.


– Holds a Doctorate degree at the time of application in one of the following disciplines of Forest Sciences such as Silviculture, Forest Ecology, Biodiversity Conservation and/or Forest Management.

– Experience in high-quality research in some of the areas of his/her specialty.

– Show commitment to teaching and mentoring undergraduate and graduate students.

– Excellent communication skills.

– Evidence of productivity in research.

It will be especially valued if the selected person has:

– Ability to link basic and applied research.

– Experience in interdisciplinary research.

– Record of obtaining funding for research.

– Experience teaching at the undergraduate or graduate level.

– Experience in native forest.

Application Deadline: November 15, 2023 to January 20, 2024.

Availability: first semester, 2024.

Application: When applying, you will be asked to attach the following electronic documents:

1. A cover letter that addresses your qualifications and aspirations, explicitly identifying

how they relate to the specific duties and responsibilities outlined in the job


2. Curriculum vitae (CV) of maximum 3 pages;

3. A two-page letter that specifically addresses the individual’s commitment to

fostering student success and teaching strategies for undergraduate and graduate


4. A two-page letter describing your research proposal;

5. List of publications in peer-reviewed journals.

6. Two letters of recommendation with the names and contact information (email,

telephone and mail) of academics who can accurately describe the strengths and

characteristics of the person applying. Please note that the references submitted may

be contacted by the selection committee during the process.

7. Digitized copies of title and degree

This information and documents must be sent to the email hgilab@uc.cl indicating in the subject: Application for academic position Silviculture and Sustainable Forest Management.

Questions may be directed to the Director of the Department of Ecosystems and Environment, Professor Horacio Gilabert (hgilab@uc.cl) prior to the closing of the application period.

«The Pontifical Catholic University of Chile is committed to equal opportunities, to the construction of an inclusive, diverse and fraternal community and to the promotion of the academic development of women and men.»

A person of foreign nationality who applies from abroad, if selected for the position, will require the corresponding visa, obtained at the consulate from the country of origin, to join the academic staff of the University.